ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine


ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine

Basic Info.

Product Description

GH6027  Iso-lateral leg extension hammer strength fitness equipment commercial gym machine

Product name
 Commercial Fitness Equipment  gym machine Iso-lateral leg extension 
square Steel tube Q235   50*80*3mm
1433*1477*1470 mm
OEM ODM, Customized  LOGO
 G.w :  126kg
 Surface Finish Electrostatic powder coating
2 layers (silver/black/ dark/grey+varnish)
Polybag, Carton Box,Wooden Case ,Plywood Box or Customer′s Request
1 set
Delivery time
Shipped in 20-30 days after payment
payment Terms
T/T,L/C,Western Union,Trade assurance
Shipping Way
By sea, By air DHL,UPS,Fedex and TNT,etc
Cushion color : All colors are available
Cushion Material: Polyurethan PU foam  ,  foaming with one-step
Tube color : yellow-black, red-black, green-black,etc
assembly two times assembly, one is before painting(Trail assembly), one is after painting
Guaranty : 1. For structural frame ( excluding painting ) and Standard weight stack for 10 years;
2. Pulley, Cable, Handle, Seat cushion for 1 year;
3. Springs and other easy broken parts for 90 days.
Product Description


1) Plate loaded fitness equipment/gym equipment
2) Professional design from Hammer strength of Lifefitness brand
3) Pretty TIG welding
4) Super quality PU leather
5) Excellent electrostatic powder coating with good adhesive force
6) Make body cooperate with machine very well

hammer strength commercial fitnesss machine Iso-lateral leg extension Picture :

ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine
ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine

ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine

Other machines  :

1) Designed by professional experts under the principle of human motion mechanics.
2) Our products are made of superior steels and tubes,like Oblong tubes,Flat Elliptial tubes,Oval tubes,of 3mm in thickness.
3) Processed by physical and bladting and antirust zinc coating with another two layers of painting,Our machines are made in perfect appearance and hardness with strong anti-corrosion adhesives.
4) Cushions are covered bu PU leather, and handles with high quality rubber.
5) Handle caps are all chromed.
6) The seat can be marked with numbers. Cable wires of 6mm in diameter,can bear 800kgs strength.
7) We use the advanced wear-resisting systems and Carbon-dioxide-protection welding devices to grarantee the stability and safety of  every machine.

ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine
Hammer series  GH strength machine  : 

Type No.
Marchine size
Iso-lateral bench press 
13213*1599*1746 mm
WDM-GH6002 Iso-lateral chest/ back  press 
WDM-GH6003 Iso-lateral decline bench     1300*1150*1750mm 
WDM-GH6004 Iso-lateral low row
WDM-GH6005 Iso-lateral rowing
WDM-GH6006 Iso-lateral shoulder press 
WDM-GH6007 Iso-lateral super incline press 
WDM-GH6008 Iso-lateral pec fly  1350*1650*1350mm 92KG
WDM-GH6009 laetral raise
pull over 
seated biceps
seated dip
WDM-GH6013 Iso-lateral pront lat pulldown
Iso-lateral high row 
Iso-lateral horizontal bench press
Iso-lateral incline press
WDM-GH6017  Iso-lateral wide chest 
1343*1981*1761 mm
141 kg
WDM-GH6018   4-way nect
900*1400*1600 mm
130 kg
WDM-GH6019 abdominal oblique crunch
1670*1100*1600 mm
121 kg
WDM-GH6020 Abductor
1690*730*750 mm
139 kg
WDM-GH6021 Adductor
1690*730*750 mm
139 kg
WDM-GH6022 Iso-lateral kennling leg curl
1270*1000*1290 mm
145 kg
WDM-GH6023 leg extension
1440*1695*1481 mm
103 kg
WDM-GH6024 Iso-lateral leg press
1989*1771*1545 mm
148 kg
WDM-GH6025   seated leg curl
1440*1695*1481 mm
WDM-GH6026   seated calf raise
1230*730*1004 mm
WDM-GH6027 Iso-lateral leg extension
1433*1477*1470 mm
126 kg
WDM-GH6028   vertical leg press
1300*1050*1800 mm
122 kg
WDM-GH6029 Linear hack press 
2375*1500*1475 mm
250 kg
WDM-GH6030 V-Squat 
1550*1850*1650 mm
160 kg
WDM-GH6031 Jammer
2092*1791*2252 mm
WDM-GH6032   Smith machine
1340*2266*2384 mm
WDM-GH6033 Olym pic bench weight storage
2000*1150*1150 mm
WDM-GH6034   Olym pic flat bench
1304*1300*1234 mm
WDM-GH6035 Olym pic incline bench
1411*1286*1559 mm
WDM-GH6036 Olym pic decline bench
1500*1150*1280 mm
WDM-GH6037 Olym pic mili-tary bench
1763*1210*1669 mm
WDM-GH6038 Back extension
1552*771*87 mm
WDM-GH6039 Olym pic squart rack
1830*1200*1876 mm
WDM-GH6040 Olym pic power rack
1785*1365*2235 mm
WDM-GH6041 Olym pic leg raise
1104*990*1730 mm
WDM-GH6042 Adjustable adobominal board
1400*680*600 mm
48 kg
WDM-GH6043 Adjustable Bench
1215*680*1070 mm
40 kg
WDM-GH6044 strength Hip and Glute
1250*1750*1090 mm
65 kg
WDM-GH6045 seated triceps Extension
1355*1330*1410 mm
90 kg
WDM-GH6046 Iso Lateral wide pulldown
1800*1100*2150 mm
143 kg
WDM-GH6047  seated shrug
1060*1550*1190 mm
86 kg
WDM-GH6048 Iso Lateral real deltiod 
1980*1003*925 mm
83 kg
WDM-GH6049 Iso Lateral leg curl
1550*1300*800 mm
128 kg
WDM-GH6050 deluxe weight tree
710*610*1025 mm
25 kg
WDM-GH6051  abdomianl work station
2165*1020*1815 mm
98 kg
WDM-GH6052  Lateral squat lunge
1623*1691*872 mm
122 kg
WDM-GH6053 combo twist
1510*1660*1360 mm
100 kg
WDM-GH6054 squat high pull
1650*1150*1050 mm
99 kg
WDM-GH6055 seated arm curl
1000*800*1120 mm
72 kg
WDM-GH6056 linear leg press
2375*1500*1475 mm
250 kg
WDM-GH6057  gripper
1075*580*855 mm
55 kg
WDM-GH6058  tibia dorsi flexion
950*380*336 mm
27 kg
WDM-GH6059 Wrist Curl
562*1037*443 mm
36 kg
WDM-GH6060  Super Horizontal Calf
1673*1631*1501 mm
135 kg
WDM-GH6061  Utility Bench-75 Degress
1120*640*1145 mm
28 kg
WDM-GH6062  Abdominal Board
1670*600*790 mm
60 kg
WDM-GH6063  Decline/Abdominal Bench
1650*650*800 mm
36 kg
WDM-GH6064  Incline Bench-30 Degree
1225*549*960 mm
36 kg
WDM-GH6065  55 Degree Incline Bench
860*550*1250 mm
32 kg
WDM-GH6066  Adjustable Bench
1615*560*1450 mm
38 kg
WDM-GH6067  Adjustable Bench (Incline/Flat/Decline)
1673*706*1390 mm
38 kg
WDM-GH6068  Multfunction Bench
185*700*1420 mm
58 kg
WDM-GH6069  Dumbbell Rack (10 pairs)
2210*700*800 mm
66 kg
WDM-GH6070  Barbell Rack
1050*560*1460 mm
25 kg
WDM-GH6071  Flat Bench (Waist)
1353*595*532 mm
32 kg
WDM-GH6072 Sissy squat
750*550*480 mm
21 kg
WDM-GH6073  Stand Calf Raise
1200*1208*1503 mm
73 kg
WDM-GH6074 GHD machine
1630*700*11220 mm
60 kg
WDM-GH6075  Combination abs exercise rack
2226*893*1830 mm
WDM-GH6076 hip abductor adductor machine 1700*950*1600 mm  kg

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our certification
ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym MachinePacking and Dlivery :

Packing Details :
1. Nude package with bubble wrap
2. Pack with bubble wrap, then pack with thick wooden box
3. Spinning bike will pack with carton
Note: Every machine quality will be checked strictly before package.
Delivery Details : 5-20 days after receiving the payment
ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine
ISO-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Commercial Gym Machine
Q1:How long about the lead time?
A1:Within 25 Working Days.
Q2:Do you have some certification?
A2:Yes,we have passed CE,TUV,ISO9001,SGS,BV.
Q3:How about the payment?
A3:We support the T/T,L/C.
Q4:How about your after-service?
A4:We’ll send you the component for free to replace the damaged one during the warranty period.
Q5:Could you give me a scheme about the gym club?
A5:Yes,we can give you a precise project, a best design for free according to the square and your idea.

Q6: What is your type of shipping?
A:By sea, by air, by land,by international express and etc.
Q7:What is the MOQ?
A: Sample purchase is available. MOQ=1 set for strength machines and cardio machines
Q8:Could you give advice if offer gym size?
A: Yes, we have experience.
Q9: I do not know how to assemble the goods, could you help me?
A: Yes, we have the installation instructions and label No. which can help you assemble the goods.